A note about the blog

This pic is from Veg Nosh's heyday. When I didn't have a day job (10-7or 8 daily) and could cook elaborate meals a few times a week and then photo them in daylight (it's dark by the time dinner is done now). It's been really challenging. Coupled with the fact that I need to bring a lunch despite working as a designer for a restaurant (they have pretty much zero vegan food). Also, there's no refrigerator or microwave there, so it's pretty much a set of circumstances set up to test my veganhood. And, so far- so good. I found that if I wrap a cold dish in reuseable ice cube sheets that it stays cold until lunch. I got a hot food container and can heat things up in the morning and they stay pretty much warm until lunch (I don't want to think about food safety issues with this).

What I did find is that a few meals are good for this newfound lifestyle of not a lot of cooking time at night and the stupid lunch situation. They are:

Mexican Quinoa Salad
Seitan Enchiladas (cooked on Sunday, when I had some time!)
Hummus Wrap (that was a great one)
Cold Penne Salad
Peanut Noodle Salad
and Seitan Tacos (for quick home dinners)

No one ever said that being vegan wasn't a pain in the bum at times (or if they did- they're probably trying to convert someone or they have a personal chef).

Still, despite the inconvenience, I'm not rethinking it. I do long for the days when I could labor over dinners for hours on end multiple times during the week. But, the steady income is a good trade off!