Bistro Beet Burgers

Ohmehgawd! These are fantastic (apologies for the bad photo)! They are from Isa Chandra's Isa Does It book, and are the Bistro Beet Burgers (p82). They are flavorful, they do what few veg burgers do- coagulate nicely, and they aren't a boat load of work. I made "slider" size burgers to be sure that they cooked all the way through and made them on a cast iron skillet (which I am forever loyal to). These were also served up on pretzel buns (or a sliced pretzel baguette), which elevates any burger to amazing heights (ala Kumas Korner in Chicago <3 )

Beet Salad (Caprese)

Beet "salad" seems to mean beet caprese at most restaurants. Which I'm totally not complaining about- its flippin amazing! Therefore, I had to recreate and share. I roasted red and golden beets for 45 minutes (I highly recommend tin foil, as roasting's a hot mess), then let them cool a bit, sliced them and served with buffalo mozzerella, the RFD vinegrette and some chiffonade sliced basil. Throw some candied walnuts on the plate and voila! Ah-maz-ing starter! Perfect for making while you have beets in the house for Beet Burgers. If you're a newbie to beet roasting like I was, there's directions here.