Tortilla Soup

This is from Real Food Daily's cookbook p 90/ 106 (what can I say, I'm excited at the new prospects in this book!). I should preface my opinion of this with a disclaimer. I have never tried tortilla soup before today.

The story in the book on this one is that there was some trash talking in the kitchens at RFD about whose family makes the best tortilla soup. They decided to have a smack down, and the published recipe is the winner.

Holy tortilla- it's f-ing amazing! It took quite awhile to make even though the book puts it at about 45 min, I spent about double that. But, I was on the phone, so I was probably being kinda pokey. It is an amazing array of flavors, and I think because I mistakenly bought a serrano vs a jalapeno- it is really crazy hot. But it's hot in an "I want to conquer this" way, instead of a "f-that, my teeth are burning" way.

I did half the recipe because this book seems to be under the impression that I'm cooking for 10 instead of 2. Halving it still would make about 4 decent sized bowls, which is all we need.

Also, the garnish is (another recipe) is AMAZING! All it is is sliced corn tortillas coated in oil with chili powder, sweetener and salt on it baked to crispiness, but my gosh, it's good. I had to make a second batch because I snacked my first garnish batch away while cooking (hey, I skipped lunch).

A+ #1 Awesome soup- this is worth getting the book for alone.