Pasta e Fagioli with Spinach

New Cookbook! I just got Appetite for Reduction, Isa Chandra Moskowitz's new book (awesome title and cover), which features low cal vegan recipes (it is the new year and time for that sort of thing- especially after the 3 dozen batch of sugar cookies that Davey and I ate in a week). This is the Pasta e Fagioli with Spinach on pg 185. We had never had pasta with beans, and both loved it. I thought that on the whole, the tomatoes made it a bit acidic and that it could have used some deeper tones. The spinach and beans were great in it though, maybe I'll add more beans next time to round it out a bit more. All in all, very good, though. Davey loved it and had seconds, which is always a good sign. Also, since it cooks up rather fast (about 30 minutes total), it may be a recipe that tastes better the next day after everything has steeped overnight. And, it's good to know that you're only eating 440 calories of pasta too!

Spinach Chickpea Curry

This dish is the end of my awful streak of trying new Indian recipes and being disappointed, this one is really very good! It's the Spinach and Chickpea Curry from p170-171 of Vegan With a Vengeance. I still think that the French book and Beckham are best, but this is really delicious. It was relatively quick and easy except for the part when you have to wilt 10 cups of spinach handful by handful. It ended up being very flavorful and the spinach had a creamy texture (keep in mind that I haven't eaten dairy in a year and a half- it's creamy to a vegan!). We both liked it a lot and will add it to our recipe roster.