This is fun to make about once a year! Veg sushi; I made a carrot roll, avocado roll, and asparagus roll. The sad thing was that I made rice for the basil fried rice dish. That needs to be dried out and loose (the antithesis of what's needed for sushi; sticky and moist). Even after sitting over night, my rice for fried rice, was globby and sticky and no where near the texture that I needed. So, I made lemonade out of lemons (or sushi out of failed fried rice).

I added 2T of Rice Vinegar, 1T of sugar and 1t of salt to my mush rice. Rolled the veg and rice in sheets of Nori (just discovering after three times of making it that it's perforated where you're supposed to cut individual pieces). We got a powdered wasabi that is pretty grodie. I don't know what restaurants use to get that technicolor wasabi glob, but ours was more of a deep sage color. Still, it did the trick, and was so overpowered by the tamari that it was fine.