Lentil Shepard's Pie

I can't believe that it took me this long to write about this one. It's been a staple for us for years- particularly at holidays. It's a very carnivore-friendly recipe. It's hearty and comfort-y (mashed potatoes!) I also add corn to the mix, which isn't in the recipe. It's from the Compassionate Cook (p.160). Seasoned brown lentils, mashed potatoes (with skins) and corn... you kinda can't go wrong.

Jeanne's Creamy Potato Salad

This is from the Compassionate Cook p76. This is really really good tater salad. It's totally different than Flore's in L.A., and I still hope to de-code theirs one day, but this is great in a much different way. This is very Polish relative in Milwaukee style. It's white and tastes like something your gramma would make that you would totally look forward to at family get togethers. I used Veganaise and russet taters. I also used green onions versus round and some shredded carrot for color. Also, It's really better the second day when it's all been hanging out together for awhile.

Now to figure out a vegan Jello broken glass torte ;)

Banana Bread

This is from the Compassionate Cook p. 94. Anyone who thinks vegan bakery is dry or dense or otherwise sub-par has not been around the block and tried recipes like this one. It is uber moist, very flavorful and highly addictive (it takes the two of us under 24 hours to finish a loaf of this).

As a side note, I got a great tip from La Dolce Vegan by Sarah Kramer about egg replacing in vegan baked goods. Mash up 1/2 of a ripe banana in a bowl and add it to anything that you won't mind the slight addition of banana flavor to (I use it in the Pumpkin Spice bread mix from Trader Joe's). It makes things SO moist and I didn't taste the banana at all. Maybe that's why vegan banana bread with 2 mashed nana's in it is so good.

Vegan Pot Pie!

What's awesome about this is that it not only tastes amazing, but I can divulge the recipe! This one is from Ellen's tv show, so it's right on her site! Not only is she a dancing doll face, but she's vegan, and occasionally has guest chefs as well as her personal chef on with recipes (I'm still looking for an army to make the tamale recipe for).

I first made this for the holidays in fall, and it has become a J-R house staple. It is so tasty and such great comfort food! I have a few switch outs and recommendations:

- Instead of multiple veg bags, I get the 4 veg variety bag from Trader Joe's (with green beans, peas, carrots and corn, I think). It's the perfect amount- and the different veg are excellent in it.

- I can't find the Gardein scallopini to save my life (even though I'm in the same city as Ellen's chef!)- I use the Gardein faux chicken cutlets, cubed.

- Also, I can't find vegan Pillsbury crust, I looked at multiple packages in different stores and they all have lard and spooky things in them. Which is good for me, b/c I use the "Sister's Pie Crust" recipe from The Compassionate Cook (p188) instead which is quite frankly kind of a pain, but is bar none the best crust possible.

- I also make mine in a 8 x 8 pyrex pan vs ramekins only b/c we're in a 2 bedroom apt with a galley kitchen that really doesn't have ramekin storage.

You gotta try it: The Ellen show's Vegan Pot Pie