Sweet and Sour Tempeh

This is from the RFD book. The tempeh treatment is amazing. I halved the marinade time after the yin yang tofu incident last week- that worked amazing! then it's broiled- I could've just ate the broiled tempeh plain for dinner, it was that good.

I was excited to make this because of the variety of veg in it; bell peps, cabbage, carrots, corn, onion, etc. All of which are great together and the directions on cooking create a well blended mix of flavors that's not too mushy.

The bulk of the cooking time was spent marinading and chopping, so it wasn't too horribly labor intensive. I halved it and still had enough for at least 4 meals- none of which are for the faint of heart. There's crushed red pepper sauteed into it- and holy-burn-your-soul- it is HOT! Almost to my limit of edible-ility. We'll see if I can handle it tomorrow.

So, in the future, I'd half (or quarter) the crushed red pepper and proceed with the halved recipe. It's really very delicious.

Hot and Sour Soup

This is from Dolce Vegan p104. I was expecting that it would be as good as Tamarind's in Chicago. Not so much. It was good, but not the best ever (Tamarind's was REAL good). This was spicy, which we liked a lot. I used srichacha instead of Asian chili sauce which may have altered the intent of the recipe a bit. I also only used half of the vinegar that it calls for because Davey hates vinegar- and I thought that was plenty. It seems like using the full amount would be overkill, but maybe that would be the magic bullet.

All in all it was good, but we've just found SO many amazing recipes, I'm not sure that I'll make it again. Maybe.