Bagels from Scratch!

This was fun. I love making things that I never thought you could make by hand before. I mean, I guess I knew that it was possible, but I never thought I'd do it. These were made with a recipe from Vegan Brunch. They're pretty time consuming (as any yeast bread is), but fun too.

You make the yeast dough like any other, let it rise, etc. Then, after separating the dough into bagel size balls, you poke your hole in the middle and bob them in boiling water for two minutes (this gives them that lovely bagel gloss), then bake, then enjoy!

You'll see that I have gobs of stuff on one for these photos. That was inspired by the Empty Bottle's "Bite" café in Chicago. They had a small bagel menu on their brunch menu. There's a section called "Superbagels" with offerings topped with every imaginable ingredient. In that section, each type of bagel is numbered. It turns out that the cream cheese, basil, tomato and red onion one was #1 on the submenu. Meaning that when we went there, and I ordered my favorite bagel, I got to ask for the "Number One Superbagel!" Which, honestly, I'd want to order no matter what was on it, just to say that.

I subbed out vegan cream cheese, and it's still #1 Super to me.

Also, I've picked out the next thing that I didn't think that I could make to make- English Muffins (or if you're in England- Muffins).