Golden Vanilla Cupcakes with Fresh Berries

I realize we have lived through the cupcake fad and are on to... what are we even on to right now besides kale and juicing? Churros, maybe. Anywhoo, as I have always been one to zig at a zag- here's my retro ode to 2006 with a recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. It's a pretty simple one, using the topping from Sexy Low-Fat Vanilla Cupcakes p(41) on the Golden Vanilla Cupcakes (p33). We had friends over for dinner, and (as per usual) I went a bit over the top with the main course and needed a simpler desert. Boyfriend to the rescue, he actually did the baking on this one, I just made the icing and dressed them up for the party.

The cupcakes have been on here before (in the Boston Cream and with a simple Chocolate Ganache. I have to say, the topping on this iteration really classed them up, though. You need to prepare it just before serving (or the cakes would get soggy). It's a raspberry preserve on top of the cake with some artfully stacked berries (standing on their heads for your entertainment), and the icing drizzled over. All in all, a bit sweet on top, but the cupcakes themselves aren't too sweet so it's a decent balance. A+ #1 and totally toddler-friendly (though she was more concerned with playing with the cat then eating- smart kid.)