2nd Avenue Vegetable Korma

Okay, clearly I've reached the point of only cooking Isa recipes, this one is from Appetite for Reduction (p226)- and, I feel I don't even have to say it at this point- it's f*ing fantastic.

This really seems more like a curry to me, the korma's that I have had at restaurants taste not as coconut-y/ curryish. However, that is not a bad thing, this one is flipping delicious. I did a small amount of changes to the recipe, I at least doubled the curry powder, as I thought it didn't pack enough of a punch (I have come to realize that I like things pretty intensely flavorful). Also, I thought it was odd that the garam masala was listed as going in with the rest of the spices early in cooking. I once was making Creamed Lentils and really didn't get the importance of spice timing. I put the garam masala in at the start and the dish was nearly inedible. The same amount of the spice that- usually, when added at the end of cooking, subtly compliments the other flavors- became a big, fat, bossy, pushy, a-hole- bowling over all the flavors to the point that it tasted like you were eating a spoonful of the stuff with some lentils on top. Not a good thing at all. So, in the spirit of live and learn, I did the exceptional act of disobeying Isa and held the garam masala to the end (which worked out great)

This will become a go-to Indian night staple, me thinks, as it whipped up far faster than Aloo Ghobi. We also ended up skipping any rice with this since it was on the thick side and didn't really need it.