Profiteroles est Tres Délicieux et Facile (Profiteroles are f-ing good)

So, this is about the most dairy that I've used in a recipe in years. It's appropriate that that should happen with this specific dish. My first year-long foray into being vegan ended in a tiny restaurant in Paris with a dish of profiteroles. It was the first time that I had ever heard of them or had them, and after a year of dairy abstinence, my eyes rolled back into my head and I proceeded to blissfully gorge myself. It helps that I was raised in Wisconsin, the land of cream puffs, and profiteroles are basically cream puffs with ice cream and chocolate sauce. So loving profiteroles to me was like a fish loving water. These were made with a recipe from Martha Stewart's Cooking Class, a darn helpful tome of a book that I turn to from time to time to find out how long to roast a beet or how to prepare a certain veg. It does have a load of meat info too, which I could do without, but we all know chica's a carnivore. The recipe on her site here is similar to what I made, and has a video that shows essentially how to prepare these. I used a kitchenaid for the egg bit, and truth be told- I never use eggs for anything and was a bit grossed out by that. I think if I make them again, it'll be a vegan version (I'll be sure to report how that comes out). I did the ziplock "piping bag" trick and I worked great. They baked to perfection, poofed, and were a hit at the dinner that I brought them to (the toddler started eating them by diving her face onto the top of one and licking the chocolate... success!). I used a vanilla bean ice cream and made the chocolate sauce (Martha again) here- directions are "step 6". These look deceptively complex and really make it seem like you're a superstar gourmet pastry chef, when in actuality, they are easier than making a cake.