Potato Leek Soup

Again with the Isa Does It! This is the Potato Leek soup from the book, and it's really good! It reminded me of broccoli cheese soup a bit, similar texture (very creamy), and almost flavor, even. I was happy to have the "Martha Stewart's Cooking School" book to refer to- it had been awhile since I cooked with leeks and I checked it about prepping them. She suggests cutting them and then rinsing them in a bowl of cold water since dirt gets trapped in between all of the layers of ... leekness in them. It's 1,000% right- my bowl had a pile of dirt at the bottom the first time they were washed. The soup was a huge hit, directions super straight forward, and like the other recipe from this book, it whipped up relatively quickly. I did wish I could think of a good complimentary food to serve with it, the flavors get a bit overwhelming/ tiring by the end of the bowl. I had a sun dried tomato olive oil dip for bread, but bread was too bland with the simple potato flavors. Dunno, but let me know if you have any ideas.