Stone Fruit Compote

I found this recipe online while perusing for something to make a food swap that a co-worker and I organized at work. I was telling her about the LA Food Swap at Reform School that I had gone to, and she suggested that we do one at work. Months later (I've mentioned that we're pretty busy there)- we finally did! To digress a tad, it was super fun and a total success. We had 13 rsvps and ended up with 10 participants. I have a photo of the loot here, which was all fantastic. So, back to what I made here (and for the swap)- Stone Fruit Compote. The recipe is from the trusty Martha (here.) Say what you will about her, but her peoples do the legwork and test all the recipes well. I have only made a few of hers (mostly boozy drinks), but they were all amazing. For the compote, I made a few variations, and I think that the mixed one was best. I had made; pluot only, and a mix of pluot, nectarine and the "dinosaur egg" mystery fruit that they have at the farmer's market. Todays' was recreated with the previous pluot/ nectarine mix and the addition of plums added in. These photos are both the beautiful ingredients (texted to a friend who said it looked like potpourri), and the finished compote. This photo shows it over greek yogurt (sorry, I'm back to vegetarian vs vegan again), though you could serve it on pancakes, coconut ice cream, etc. It has a slight wintery feel with the cinnamon, allspice and anise flavors, but still utilizes all the tasty stone fruits in season right now. Also, as a side note, if you look closely, you'll see a Ginger Lemon Cordial in the center of the swap photo. That was also mine, and was a HUGE hit. Partially because I brought bourbon and made a cocktail with it, but it was also great in club soda as a light summer soda. That recipe is here. It also has the side benefit of making your house smell like you live inside a lemon when you make it (win/win!)