Silly Easy Salty Peanut Bark

This is so silly easy, it's hardly worth posting, but it's become our go-to snack dessert, so I thought I would put it up anyway. If you like the whole salt/ sweet thing- this is for you. It's kind of like a salty, upscale Mr Goodbar.

1 c roasted, salted peanuts
1.5 c vegan chocolate chips (dark or semisweet)
sea salt

Line a 9x12 pan with wax paper. Melt chips in a double broiler and whisk until smooth. Spread peanuts out over bottom of pan on wax paper. Spoon melted chocolate over the peanuts, smoothing out with a spatula and ensuring that all nuts are covered. Grind or sprinkle sea salt liberally over the smoothed out bark (depending on your taste- but it takes a nice smattering to have it come through). Freeze or refrigerate (depending on how anxious you are to eat) until the bark is completely hardened. Break up bark into bite or bar sized bits and eat that stuff up!