Peanut Butter Cups

If only the vegan chefs of the world could nail the taste of dairy cheese down the way that this recipe nails down peanut butter cups- my world would be perfect. These. Are. Amazing. And I'm saying that even after f-ing up the recipe a bit. These are the Peanut Butter cups from the book "The Kind Diet", which, truth be told- I don't own. I found this online and now will be needing to get to a bookstore to pick up the book.

These taste like an alternate universe Reese's cup where you're convinced that you're not eating crap but the flavor is the same (dialed to 11). I did goof while making them, and they have far too loose and gooey of a consistency- but that may be my fault. I made about 5 recipes last night including this, so I was a little scattered. You're supposed to melt the margarine and then add the peanut butter, graham crackers and sugar. I had them all in together without pre-melting the margarine. But- we threw them in the freezer and even overnight, they weren't stiff and hard, but firm (as you see here) and delicious.

I used sweetened peanut butter b/c that's what we had and Ghiradelli chips b/c they're awesome. Also, I made used a mini muffin pan and mini liners- these would be too much in a full size one. Truly- this one is amazing, I highly recommend it!!! You can find the recipe HERE