Hummus and Tabouli Pita

This is barely cooking- which kind of makes it more awesome! As you can see, I haven't been cooking anything new much lately. I was flooded with work before Christmas, which was fantastic, but left us eating a lot of prepackaged sauces and dinners.

This could involve a lot of cooking- or not. It's my version of a pita sandwich that I had on Christmas Eve when we had family in town that were allergic to cats (and vegan food too, kinda). We went to Casbah cafe in Silverlake, which I have only been to once despite having lived around the corner for two years. After eating this sandwich, I wished that I had a time machine so that I could've been enjoying Casbah's food since 2009. This sandwich is a combination of flavors that I would never have paired and it's amazing. Here's the stuff:

Pita Bread
Avocado (about 1/2 per full pita)
Mixed green salad tossed in balsamic vinaigrette
capers (my addition- the restaurant serves it with olives on the side)

See what I mean? Balsamic with Hummus and Tabouli? But it's fantastic! So, you can see how this could be more involved- you could make your own vinaigrette, hummus and tabouli. I made my own dressing but got the rest from whole foods deli. Their tabouli is a bit too minty- next time I'm making my own. But, this was faster and easy to put together while working 12+ hour days!