Cranberry Orange Nut Muffins

These are some tasty muffins from Isa Chandra Moskowitzs' Vegan Brunch book. Her Bakery Style muffins from this book have become my go-to recipe (which I've oddly enough never photo'd for the blog). These are equally amazing in a way that feels a mite more healthy (there are cranberries, orange juice and walnuts involved- it's practically a meal in a muffin).

They have a great balance of flavors, any one of them seems dominant when you focus on it, which I think means that they're all doing a good job. The crans are crazy tart. The muffins have an all over orange-y taste. There's almond extract, which is very prominent (that stuff is STRONG!), but in these, it's ok (generally I halve any almond extract called for in recipes b/c it is so overpowering). In this case, it adds a fullness that the muffins need b/c between the crans and oranges could get a bit too citrus/ tarty. Same with the nuts, they are an absolute must or- again- the muffin would be too high pitched. The nuts add a low end (forgive the music analogies- I am married to a music fella). All in all- they're really good.

The tops are nice- they have a light crunch to them b/c (the author says) of the juice in the recipe. I would still prefer blueberry over anything, but this is good to mix it up. It is also great as a fall muffin and would even be good during the holidays when you have family spending over to have these in the morning. They're super easy too, which is a plus, particularly at this time of year when you have enough to do :)