144 of the tastiest little cupcakes you ever did eat!

In hindsight, I realize that I should have taken individual photos. Alas, I didn't- but I did try two new cupcake recipes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. I love having the excuse to make them (parties, etc) because generally we don't want cupcakes running amok in our house and pleading to be eaten whenever we go into the kitchen. These were made for the opening of a pop-up shop that I'm taking part in at Reform School here in L.A. (see HERE for info).

I am realizing that I have a pretty fierce Martha streak. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and to overdo things a tad (I made 12 dozen mini cupcakes for the party). In this instance, it was a good thing b/c they all proved to be necessary and were all eaten up that night.

So, the new ones were the Basic Chocolate Cupcake (with buttercream frosting) and the Golden Vanilla Cupcake (with chocolate ganache frosting). Both were great (no real surprise there). The Chocolate was really moist and rich and was just an excellent classic chocolate cake. The buttercream is poofy and sweet and made for a very grade-school-party-cupcake with the chocolate.

The vanilla one was drier (and dried out a lot faster the next day (I had squirreled some away for us to keep). But on the day of the party, they were still delicious and were so great with the ganache. It really classed up a plain vanilla cupcake.

The third offering was carrot with cream cheese frosting, which has proven to be a staple go-to cupcake for any grown up party. Everyone loves them and they are always the first to go when there's options.

Incidently, making 144 mini cupcakes isn't too big of a deal (it was 4 batches of batter), but frosting 144 mini cupcakes is a HUGE pain! In case you're planning to make 12 dozen cupcakes in the near future, I thought you ought to be warned.