Tortilla Casserole aka The Nastiest Crap I've Ever Cooked

I absolutely hate to waste food, but what's in this photo- totally going into the trash. This was easiest the grossest food I've ever made and maybe even ever eaten. It was the "Tortilla Casserole" from Viva Vegan. So. Gross. The pine nut crema on top- nasty. The sauce- far too acidic and just gross. That's the best adjective- gross. The potatoes blanded it up. It was mushy, icky and gross and icky and gross.

What's so frustrating is that not only did I waste food and money, but I have so little cooking time now, and this was over an hour of my night that I invested in a dish that we couldn't even finish it was so nasty. And, I had a cupcake and beer for dinner so now I have a tummy ache. Sooooo annoyed!