Pasta Con Broccoli

This is the Pasta Con Broccoli from Appetite for Reduction. Again, I was trying to mimic something that I love from a restaurant. The restaurant is Joey's on Jackson that was in Milwaukee (it has since closed, a fact that I am devistated by because it was a darling family place and also we had our amazing wedding reception dinner there where we fed most of the restaurant with my mom and aunt Pat's amazing Martha stewart espresso chocolate cake). Anyway, I always got the Pasta Con Broccoli there, and it was always mind-blowingly amazing. Generally, it was kind of greasy but loaded with garlic, it had cheese and probably cream and butter to really gunk it up in a gooey delicious way, and it was just over the moon fantastic. Now all I have left of our relationship together is a wedding photo of me and the dish at our reception (see 2nd and 3rd photos).

This was good too. Not Joey's good. Probably far healthier good, though. There's a great undercurrent of sizzle to this because you sautée crushed red pepper in the oil with the onion (my addition, there's no onion in the recipe, but Joey's had onion). This uses 1/4 cup of garlic which is more than I have ever used ever in a recipe- except bruscetta (and I love garlic). Still, I think Joey's had more. Because this didn't have all the dairy to congeal, it was way waterier than my beloved Joey's, so although it was really very tasty, it wasn't what I was going for. It's a nice, light pasta dish though that, like I said- is really the thin, fit cousin of what I was looking to make.

I also added cauliflower and the recommended pine nuts. Joey's was great with cauliflower, but this probably would have been better without it. The pine nuts were great in it though.

Still, I miss Joey's.