Oven Fried Chik'n Seitan

New cookbook! Since Borders is closing all L.A. stores (insert stifled weeping here), their cookbooks were 30% off. The selection was pretty picked over on the whole in the store (although there were still two full shelves of Sarah Palin's book), but there was also a pretty decent selection of vegan books (insert groan that they weren't snapped up). They were mostly ones that I have or am not interested in except for "Vegan Comfort Food", which I've looked at a few times and never gotten for some reason.

I'm excited to have it now, though. There's a great selection of recipes that aren't just veganized meaty recipes but also aren't too esoteric that you couldn't cook for omnivorous family members from it either. I had left over seitan so I decided to try the Oven Fried Chik'n Seitan. I think that I can't really review this fairly b/c I didn't use her seitan recipe. This was a recipe from RFD's book. The thing is, I LOVE RFD's seitan, but every other book says to boil it (instead of roasting it in water like RFD). I dunno about that whole boiling thing, but I'll try it soon just to see what all those other books are blathering on about.

Anyway, this worked alright. The Panko is WAY crunchier than breadcrumbs. I had made something else breaded recently that never made it onto this blog- but the breading recipe was found online and worked amazing. This one didn't work as good. The liquid was too runny and the panko too big to stick, although it did enough to make what you see here. I baked them as directed, and they were looking dry and lame, so I threw them in a pan with some oil to finish them off. The seasoning was delicious though. I would maybe use the liquid from my other mixture and then mix panko and breadcrumbs (?) I'll experiment at some point and report back. Over and out.