Cuban Black Bean Soup

This is the Cuban Black Bean Soup from "Viva Vegan!". It's a good 'day off' soup because it takes a long time to make. Most of it is simmering, but stirring is necessary, so you can't just leave it be for the multiple hours that it takes to cook.

It uses dried beans, which I'm still sort of warming up to. I just have a hard time getting past how flipping long they take to soak and cook. I know that they're supposed to be what real cooks use, but I don't know, with how many steps some of my recipes use- adding more is kind of annoying. They do taste a bit better, the canned ones turn to mush too fast. But the dried ones are kind of a pain on the whole and I'm not sure that they taste THAT much better for all the attention that they need. Perhaps if I just shift to dried being the norm, I won't think about it and it'll just be part of the process.

Anyway, I made my own vegetable broth in another attempt to be a real cook. I have spoken with and read info from some chefs who, although they seem elitist and d-baggish about it, insist that homemade broth is the only way to go. I made the RFD broth recipe, which seems fine, but I've honestly never tasted straight up store bought broth, so I'm not sure of the difference. I'm going to use the rest of it in a lighter flavored soup where the broth can shine though and I'll report back.

Anyway, the black bean soup. S'good, but honestly, I prefer mine (see HERE) I like the red bell, carrots and celery in mine. This one has green bell and a whole other process (with the dried beans and all). It utilizes the bean cooking liquid, uses green bells and not a lot of tomato. So, it's a very husky, deep soup. It also has a bit of liquid smoke in it, which further darkens the whole thing. It's good, I just prefer black bean soup to be less smoky and heavy. Hearty is great, but this tastes heavy. I should have made the cashew cream, it may have balanced everything out better. I was just tired of making things at that point.