Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

Hello "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World" book, goodbye to any prospect of wearing a bikini this year! These are over the top. They are delicious and insanely decadent and I would not recommend making a batch unless you have 11 friends to share them with (maybe 10 friends- two indulgent cupcakes never hurt anyone).

One of the best parts about these is that you get to buy Newman O's. The reason that this is great is three fold. One- Paul Newman was a dreamboat and his picture is on the package (even elderly Paul Newman was a dreamboat). Two- all the proceeds for Newman's Own products go to charity. Three- they're effing good cookies.

The cupcakes are great, it's a basic chocolate recipe that has a bunch of different recommended variations- cookies and cream is just one of them. I do wish that I had smashed my cookies a bit finer, I hit a few crunchy crunches in the cupcake here and there, but that's fine too. There are worse things in life than bits of cookies. The cake is moist and has a great, deep chocolate flavor. It's funny because vegan bakery has a bad rep as being really dry. I've had dry vegan bakery at cafés once or twice, but have never made it. Every recipe that I have is super duper moist. There goes that myth. I have a theory though- I think it has that rep b/c it doesn't sell as fast and people are eating old, dried out stuff.

The frosting is the vegan buttercream with the cookies and cream variation- you smash up five cookies (half of what's in the cupcakes) and mix it into the frosting. The recipe made enough frosting to frost two batches of cupcakes and I would love to have a vegan bud around who wants my extra frosting, b/c 24 cupcakes is out of control. The frosting is simple and amazing. It's redonkulously sweet, which is good on these cupcakes because they aren't over the top sugary. It is a bit disturbing to think that you're eating mostly margarine, shortening and sugar for the frosting, but ya know what? It's a treat! It shouldn't be all spinach and broccoli all the time, life needs sugar too!

Oh, and I had to post two pics because it really only was a matter of time until our kitty Maxwell crashed my food photo shoots (see the right side of the image with 3 cupcakes in it).