Black Bean Cakes with Lime Peppered Mayo

I was craving the southern style black bean cakes from Wishbone in Chicago. When I worked at Columbia, they would often cater our meetings and events and the black bean cakes with cornbread and mango salsa was about the only veg thing that they had (which I grew to love).

I got the Best Life Cookbook in a swap from a while back. It has a fair about of plant-based recipes, primarily because they're generally lower in fat and calories than meat stuff. This is from that book, it's from the guest chef section in the back. Since the "best life" stuff sprouted from the Oprah show, you can get the recipe HERE

It's ... alright. It's not what I was going for, really. The patties have a great flavor, the creole seasoning mix in the recipe is amazingly good. They had the problem that so, so many veg patties have and that is coagulation. They're kinda a blob of mush that smooshes when flipped and never really firms up. It's kind of a paste consistency. Also, they're fried (which is kind of weird b/c the best life book is a diet book), so they're pretty greasy and ridiculously messy to make- mostly because since they aren't firmed up patties, they disintegrate a bit in the oil, so you end up with a gritty, globby, oily mess. Again, great flavor, but the rest really counters that.

The lime peppered mayo sauce was very sour and pickled tasting. It was kind of okay, but really, if you made the recipe as-is, just the cakes with that sauce- I'd have walked away not liking it at all. What redeemed the dish was that I made corn muffins from scratch to have with it and also just reverted to Trader Joes roasted red salsa on top when I realized that the mayo was a bit too sour (and runny) for my taste. So... all in all, I'm still looking for a good Wishbone-style black bean cake recipe. I did see in their menu that I linked to in this post that theirs has lentils in it, so maybe I'll experiment with my own franken-burger creation.