Spinach Pinenut Pilaf

This is from the Beans and Barley Volume 3, it's their Spinach Pinenut Pilaf. This is probably the simplest tasty dish that I've made since I gave up pouring jarred pasta sauce on noodles for dinner. It's very easy, the only chopping is of the "oinion" (I found a typo in the book) and the spinach. I also tried the "chiffonade" cut of the leaves for the first time, which is a great way to cut them.

This is really nicely flavored, being that there isn't much to season it (onion, salt and pepper), it really takes on the broth flavor that you cook the rice in, so be sure to use a broth that you really like the taste of. I used Better Than Bouillon brand faux chicken flavor, which was perfect in this. It's nice to taste the pure flavors of the pinenuts and spinach- usually I make recipes so complex that individual flavors don't stand out like this. I think it would be good with the chicken-style seitan from RFD and some kind of saucy-sauce on that. It is a side, but makes a good light lunch alone too.