First, I must say, thank you, Nicholas V.!

Months ago when I was ignoring my life to write an entry about something or other that I had cooked for dinner, my husband Davey started talking to me about this blog. He was asking (in a nice way) why I'm doing this. He was like, "What's your ultimate goal? Do you want this published or to be a food writer now?" (I think he's more goal oriented than I am). I told him that I just wanted to do it. It can't be published, really, because it's primarily about other people's recipes that I can't publish for copyright reasons. I just like it. I thought about it and told him that my ultimate goal would be that I'd get free cookbooks to try more recipes from.

And then, today, because of this blog, I got free cookbooks to try recipes from! Didn't that work out amazing!

I had said in this post HERE that I wanted to pick up the Beans and Barley book, volume 1, if they still sell it because I have volume two and it's excellent. A peach of a boy that Davey knows read that and bought not just volume 1 for me, but all three volumes! (I didn't even know that there were three!). I have to say, this made my day. I adore kind gestures (I walked around with blank valentine's cards in my purse on 2/14 and wrote them out to our waitress at brunch and our waiter at dinner). And I adore presents, and I adore new recipes- so it's really a trifecta of happy today.

Also, it was perfect timing as I just decided that I need to move on from Real Food Daily's book that I'm addicted to and try new stuff. It is also menu planning day (geez I sound like a true Virgo calling it that), so I have added Tarascan Bean Soup from Volume 1 to the week as well as the Mediterranean Chicken Salad (which I'll veganize with chicken-style seitan from RFD- I won't quit that book cold turkey- no pun intended).

Stay tuned and I'll report back on my findings! And thank you very much again Nicholas V.!