Mediterranean "Chicken" Salad

Yum. I think that the Beans and Barley cookbooks have such great salads in them because a) they have a deli, and b) it's so cold all winter that people in Milwaukee get really excited in summer to be outside and have cookouts and eat great picnic food. Like the Mexican Quinoa from book two or ...this salad! It's from the Beans book Volume 3 (thank you again, Nicholas V!)

This was intended to be a salad using chicken along with parmesan cheese. I skipped the cheese (although I could tell from the flavors of the salad that it would be really excellent on it), and I veganized it by using the "chicken style" seitan from Real Food Daily's book.

The salad is pretty quick to mix up (after spending 2+ hours making the seitan). Just some noodles, fresh spinach, diced tomatoes, red bell and red onion and some pine nuts. The dressing is good too, a teeny bit goes a long way. Also, since Davey hates vinegar, I reduced that by 1T and it was pretty great. Unless you love vinegar, I'd recommend cutting the recommended 3T down to 2, it's a nice balance of flavors with less.

This would be great to take on a picnic or to make for a summer meal, it's nice and light but still pretty filling with the faux chick, noodles and pine nuts. So the verdict is, I'm super happy to have more Beans and Barley books!