Indian Sweets and Spice

My mind has just been blown out of my head. I just went to "Indian Sweets and Spice" on Los Feliz Blvd (in Los Angeles), and omfg- I have never seen anything like it. It is huge, huge, huge and has any esoteric spice or ingredient that I've ever never been able to find elsewhere plus a ton of things that I've never heard of and would have no idea what to do with (but would love to learn). I went only for chickpea flour which I didn't even need for an Indian recipe- it's for the Chicken Style Seitan from RFD. I had bought it before for pakoras, though, so I knew an Indian grocer would have it.

My gosh, they have everything! I got poppadoms, tamarind concentrate (which I've looked all over for before and never been able to find) and a jarred spicy mango chutney. I would have gotten TONS more, but I was on the scooter with no topcase room. this place is unbelievable, and if you live in L.A. and haven't been, you must! Also, there's a café attached too!

Btw- this photo is photos of one pound containers of spices. I took a photo of all of the four pound containers of spices, but it was too blurry to use. FOUR pounds of garam masala! Just insane.