Dodo's White Trash Recipe

I don't have a photo of this, it's not vegan and best qualifies as super junk food. It is, however, amazingly addictive and delicious. A couple of years ago, we met up with my father-in-law, Jim, in Florida where he was visiting his aunt Dodo. Dodo is short for Dorothy and was the nickname bestowed upon her when Jim and his brother Jack were too young to pronounce Dorothy. It stuck, and was almost as adorable as she was. Dodo passed away last week. She was an amazingly sweet and wonderful woman who had an excellent sense of humor and was so warm and welcoming, I felt that I had known her my whole life.

We were at their house and she brought out some snacks. Sliced oranges, a bowl of pretzels, some cheese and crackers and a bowl of these clusters of stuff covered in white chocolate. Jim (who she still called, "Jimmy"- if he could call her Dodo, he could be Jimmy) asked her what the bowl of white cluster stuff was. "White Trash", she replied. After everyone giggled, we asked her again, and she said, "White. Trash." very slowly as if there were something wrong with us.

When I got home, she emailed me the recipe, here it is (thanks, Dodo :)

One block of Almond Bark
1 box (13 ounce) Golden Grahams Cereal
1 can regular peanuts

Mix cereal and peanuts in a large bowl. Melt almond bark and pour over peanut mixture. Mix well and then spread out on a brown paper bag. Let dry and then break into pieces.

Hope you enjoy= Love, Dodo