Chorizo Tempeh Samosas

This... is not the samosa that you're thinking of. The amazingly good fried one in dough that you get at Indian buffets with potatoes and cumin seeds and peas inside. This is RFD's Chorizo Tempeh Samosas. Until I went to write this, I forgot that it had that title, and am now wondering why "chorizo" is in it. There's no chorizo in the samosas (maybe b/c of the spices?) Anyway, they're real time consuming and are pretty difficult to form. You have to make the outer potato dough, refridge it, broil the tempeh, make the filling that the tempeh goes with, refridge that, and make the Spicy Tomato Sauce for the top.

They had a good flavor, and are probably a lot healthier than their fried restaurant counterparts, but I wasn't thrilled with them for the amount of work involved. Also, I'm really disappointed to say that the sauce was pretty darn bland.

I also made my version of the naan pizzas from the L.A. restaurant Cowboys and Turbans (which either recently changed their name or closed). It's an Indian/ Mexican fusion place on Sunset on the Silverlake/ Echo Park border (across from the Epitaph offices). It's a great place.

Anyway, their naan pizza is wilted spinach in a masala sauce with peas and tofu cubes (and mozzerella, for non-vegans). My tofu was expired and mine was cheeseless. So, I made naan and topped it with Trader Joes Simmer Masala sauce with peas and a bag of wilted spinach. And, (this is sad)- that sauce was WAY better than the RFD Spicy Tomato Sauce that I had made from scratch and slaved over.

So, it turned out that the magic combo was topping the samosa with a tad of the Spicy Tomato Sauce, and then dousing it with the Masala/ Spinach concoction. Which was good, and Davey loved it, but I doubt that I'll make these again.