Seitan Tacos

So, these are familiar, they're from RFD's book (p.155), but are very similar to the East Sider Tacos that I've talked about from Flore. However, as much as I love Flore's East Sider's (and my knock offs), the Seitan Tacos at the RFD restaurant are probably the best tacos that I have ever had ever ever ever... ever. If you are in Los Angeles, you must go eat them now. If you aren't in Los Angeles, this and the ocean are why you need to come visit.

So, despite having perfected my version of the Flore tacos, I had to try making RFD's at home. I should start this with stating the fact that mine aren't the same, and i will never do this again. But, they were good. I did two alterations to their recipe, I used taco sauce in lieu of Ranchero and made Meet Market knock off Cashew Cheese instead of the Tofu Cheddar. I will post that Cashew Cheese recipe when I iron it out, it's still not perfect. But, this was all very tasty.

The issue was that it's fried. Which is messy. And greasy. The restaurant has a fryer and can flash fry it. They get to the perfect level of crispy awesomeness without being greasy. In a pan, it takes a good minute per side to turn a corn tortilla into a hard shell taco. Thats a ton of time for the oil to seep all in to the seitan (you have to put the filling in before frying to keep the shape). So, they get pretty greasy, but I really wanted to try making hard shells, and it worked. But, we've been going to they gym, and that kind of thing makes you think twice about eating this kind of thing. At least at the restaurant, with the grease being absent, I can delude myself into thinking that they're healthy!