New Waffle Pan

Yup, I said "pan", not "iron". I had wanted a waffle iron since we haven't had one for years. However, in our dinky, tiny galley kitchen, storage space is pretty much nil. The only thing we have less of than storage space is counter space. So, the idea of another appliance to store or find room for was too much for Davey to handle. He solved this by getting me a waffle pan from Sur La Table (HERE). I was skeptical because of the one sided nature of this waffle preparation method. After all, the whole schtick of a waffle is that it's being formed and cooked on both sides at once. But, this this is pretty amazing.

Since the recipe on the pan wasn't vegan (natch), I used the "Buckwheat Waffle" recipe on pg 93 of "Vegan Brunch"- only b/c I hadn't shopped to prepare for the xmas gift pan, I had no buckwheat flour. So they were "Plain Flour Waffles", I guess. Sill, it worked pretty great after getting the hang of it and flipping at the right time. I photo'd the uber waffle side, as the other side really just gets a square pattern on it, but whatevs. They're good, we get waffles and we can hang the pan from our ceiling pot rack instead of having to find room on the counter or in the cabinet for it.

Also- the best part is that Davey figured out that if you put a Morningstar Farms brekkie sausage in the middle- you have a sweet and savory (if a tad unnutritious) brekkie sammie!