Wow. I thought that Indian food was a time investment. I had always heard how Tamales are a huge ordeal, but really, including cooking time- it was over FOUR hours! Three for cooking and clean up. It's nothing that I would do on a regular basis, but a few times a year- for how good these are- would totally be worth it. These are DELICIOUS! The Masa is a hint greasy, but it's so flavorful. The filling that I made with corn was great because it was so sweet and when balanced with the spice of the peppers... I may have ate 6 of them (I skipped lunch and they were small- don't judge) This is another case of the photos not doing the food justice- Davey had the good camera at work, and by the time I finished, there was pretty much no light left in the day!

This was another Ellen recipe, so the recipe is HERE

I ended up varying from the recipe a tad. Here's what I did:

1 pan of Gardein faux chicken cut into strips with some of the chili sauce mixed in
1 pan of; 2 cobs of fresh corn, 1/2 small fresh green chili, 2 green bell peppers- all cooked in a skillet and then mixed with some of the chili sauce.

I only used 1 bag and had more than enough (the recipe calls for 2)

I made double the masa that the recipe calls for- this is b/c I used up all of the masa and had tons of husks and filling left. It was no biggie to make more, but in the future, I'd double it to start with, so everything goes more smoothly

Chili Sauce:
I goofed on this- I bought 1/3 of the dried Anchos that the recipe calls for and was too lazy to go back to the store. I should've thirded the recipe to keep it all in proportion, but felt chaotic at the start of making everything and didn't. Next time, I'll intentionally 1/3 the whole recipe b/c this makes a LITER of sauce, and after mixing some in "just to coat" the fillings, there was still 750ml left! Way more than you need even if you use it for serving. Also, my lack of peppers made it far less intensely flavored than it should've been, but it was still really good!

I used a small veg basket steamer. Standing them all up was a bit challenging, but worked fine. 31 fit in a sauce pot. Making these is so time consuming that you have to be in to it. You have to relax and be zen and get kinda meditative with it or you'll just be angry that it's taking so long! It's such a great pay off though, totally worth the ordeal.