Spring Rolls!

These are the spring rolls from RFD's cookbook. First thing's first- make these when you're having company over, not when you're solo for dinner like I was tonight. It's way too much prep and chopping and according to the book, they won't keep if you pre-make them (longer than 8 hours).

This was my first foray into spring rolls and I now wonder why I've ever paid for such a thing. They are ridiculously easy (aside from all of the time spent chopping). I used to get some in Chicago that had bits of tofu in them, I'd like to replicate that (these are veg-only), but these were pretty good. I wonder if bean sprouts wouldn't hurt either, I seem to remember those being in my favorite spring rolls.

But whatevs, I'll totally make these the next time that we entertain. I could see them being impressive despite the lack of hard work involved :)