Scones (best scones we've ever tried!)

These are from Vegan Brunch p.180 and are hands down the best scones that I've ever tried (including pre-vegan ones). They're a lot more moist than your average scone. Also, I tried a tip that I read in one of these books about muffins. I made these for our Disneyland trip that we'd be taking the next day. There was to be a car load of peoples, and I wasn't sure what variety of scone to make (we had blueberries, chocolate chips and cinnamon sugar in the house). So- I made all 3. Nothing was folded into the batter, I just divided the batter into 3 and then had 3 varieties of scones to bake. Our favorites in order were; blueberry, cinnamon, and choc chip (I really only made those b/c I heard that other peoples like them).

Excellent recipe. If you get Vegan Brunch, I highly recommend you start here!