Brooklyn Pad Thai

Aaaawwww man! This is the messiest, splatteriest, biggest production of a dish that will ruin both your kitchen and the shirt that you're wearing while cooking it, but damn, it's worth it. This is the "Brooklyn Pad Thai" from Vegan with a Vengeance, p. 180, and it is AMAZING! The sauce is so flavorful, it has a real kick to it, but isn't too hot to eat and doesn't seem to get hotter the next day like a lot of spicy foods. Slicing the tofu into triangles as she recommends seems to make it taste better (?). It is just such a great amalgam of flavors, the spice, some sweet, the savory tofu, a peanut here and there... it's amazing and a greatest hit and you MUST try it.

I have a few specifics that I do with it, mostly out of availability of ingredients and taste preference.

- I use srichacha for the "asian hot chile or hot sauce" ingredient
- the vinegar that I had was rice vinegar (as opposed to rice wine vinegar- unless they're the same (?)
- I use fresh lime juice in lieu of tamarind concentrate
- I use 1 fresh red chili pepper (since I misread the ingredients list the first time)
- I use 3/4 c peanuts because I love them so (versus 1/2)
- I skip the cilantro and lime garnish
- I use this tofu from T.J's that isn't waterpacked, it's really dry and firm and comes shrink wrapped with a green and red label. I like it in a lot of stir frys and things b/c it needs less cooking time to be cooked thoroughly.

Pretty please try this one- you will be soooooo happy that you did. It makes a ton too, so it's good for a large dinner party (provided you schedule in clean up time before seeing others) or a good dinner and leftover dish.