Women's March LA

I went to the Women's March last weekend (like every other girl in the country, it seems!). I couldn't get the signs out of my head all night afterwards and wrote out some of my favorites. I felt so completely elated to know that there are still so many of us who believe in what I consider to be everything good in the world (fairness, equality, acceptance, ... cats, etc). Saturday was what election like would have felt like had it gone the other way. The march affirmed that my thoughts about the country that I lived in weren't imagined. I want to believe that almost all people are basically good and want the best for humanity and that we just have varying opinions on how to get there. There was such an array of causes represented, which is so like us ladies to be taking on the weight of the world. 

As hard as the week that followed it was, I feel like we all got a shot in the arm from being together and seeing how many of us there are. Hoping these masses are successful in fighting back in the years (ugh) ahead.