Thinking of Switching Up

Hello, my neglected friends (or to steal a co-worker's term of endearment, my neglected cherubs). I have decided in the past few weeks that I want to steer this in the way that life has gone. That is to say that if I only use this to talk about art and illustration it'll be over a year since my last post (insert shame face emoji here). I'd love to think that my life is a ship that I am in control of, but I think it's more like a raft with a sail that goes whatever way the wind takes me. This blog was the chronicle of my art and illustration work, and I hope that it will be again. In the interim, the wind has other plans.

One of which seems to be keeping me in L.A. for a bit, though I didn't intend my stay here to be permanent. And here's the awesome part about that- because I was sure I would only be here for a short time, I made an L.A. bucket list. Yes, it's a somewhat sappy movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman- but it's also a really great idea. I spend my days around talented, smart people with no lack of resources, and there are so many of them that never get around to seeing the things in 100 mile radius from their house, even if they really want to, because you just... don't. I think on a macro level, we all pretend as if mortality doesn't exist. We aspire to do everything and anything early in life and then, maybe thinking we'll get to it one day or another, set it aside and get on with day to day existence. The same is true of living in a big city. We feel like we'll get around to stuff some time but unless there's a visitor in from out of town, we generally never do.

I say, f*ck that noise! This list has sold me on not only figuring out the things you want to do and just planning them out and doing it, but it's also had the unexpected and inconvenient side effect of making me fall in love with California.

If you live here, have you done these? Are there some must-see's and do's that I'm missing? I'm hitting the end of the list here!

So, I plan to use the blog again, I'll chronicle the list and talk about all the amazing things that are distracting me from making art but filling my life with inspiration at the moment.

The List (an X before it means it's been ticked off the list)

X Sequoias (General Sherman)
X Yosemite
X Joshua Tree
X Big Bear
X Santa Barbara
X Sleep on the Queen Mary
X San Diego
• San Francisco (though i've been there before, not as a tourist, as a hospital visitor)
• Wine/ Vineyard Tour
X Walk of Fame
X Hollywood Premiere
• Awards Show (not counting key arts)
X Party at a mansion
X Film Screening
X Film/ TV set visit
X Show Taping
X Filming Locations
• Surfing
X Body Boarding
X Camp on the Beach
• Dance the Thriller dance in the alley it was filmed in
• Museums (X LACMA, X Jurassic Technology, • MOCA, • Hammer, • Annenberg, X Getty, • Getty Villa
• Echo Park Time Travel Market
• Bob Baker Puppet Theater
X Nazi compound hike (visiting is in no way an endorsement of the a-holes who built it)
X Venice Beach
X Inside the Chinese Theater
X Rodeo Drive
X Observatory
• Watts Towers
X Caine's Arcade
X Disneyland
X Universal Studios
• CA Adventure Park
X Private Studio Lot Party
• Hollywood Bowl (though seeing the Pixies on the 28th)
• Disney Concert Hall
X Marine Life in the Wild (Whales, Dolphins, Otters, Sea Lions, Seals)
• Catalina
X Palm Springs
X Gentle Barn
X Morro Bay
X Hearst Castle
X Camera Obscura, Santa Monica
• Hollywood Forever event or movie
X Dodger Game
X Kings Game
X Flower Fields
X Old zoo enclosures
X Rose Bowl Flea Market
X Hike to back of Hollywood sign