Holy Amazing Write Up

I did a really special drawing this week. A client commissioned (via Reform School) a drawing of her mother who passed away two years ago. The client is an awesome girl that I've met a few times through the shop. I try very hard to do a really good job on every portrait. Some of them, though, are especially touching and I get more invested in them because of it. This was definitely one of those cases.

I knew that this was a gift for this woman's widower, commissioned by her daughter, and I could not help but get emotional while drawing it. We lost my mother-in-law about two years ago, and my dad died when I was 23, so the emotions of losing a parent are pretty familiar to me. I actually teared up multiple times while drawing (which makes drawing a bit difficult) and then full-on cried when I was telling my husband about what a dork I am for crying while drawing. This is why I don't work in health care. I'm far too empathetic- I would probably have patients consoling me about their condition. So it's cool to me to be involved in these kinds of stories and gifts and get all wussy in the privacy of my studio.

Anyway, it turns out the Jenny, who commissioned it, also writes for XO Jane. She wrote a beautiful piece on the portrait HERE . I am honored to have been a part of such a special gift. Also, I have to say, as a girl who grew up reading Sassy magazine cover to cover the day it came in the mail- being on Jane Pratt's site geeks me out to no end! Thanks so much to Jenny for the write up. I hope that her dad likes the drawing too!