ReForm School Pop Up Shop

Last night was the opening for the pop-up shop at Reform School ("This Time it's Personal"). It was loads of fun, amazingly great friends came out, I met lovely peoples- some of whom have my work in their homes :)

If you're in L.A. please stop in to see the shop. The lovely ladies of Reform School built this massively awesome structure to house this and future pop-ups. They also have mad display skills as they set up my stuff far cuter than my ideas for it were. There's also four other great artists and printmakers in the shop; Clementine Press, Jill K in L.A., Krank Press and Paper Pastries. They are offering such amazing goods as letter pressed coasters, custom stamps, letter pressed personalized labels and custom block printed nude portraits. I'm hoping that my stuff sells enough to give me the pocket money to partake in all of their goods too!

Thanks to Virgie of Reform School for taking photos last night, especially because she took ones with me in it, which I entirely failed to do (except for one of all of our shoes). Thanks to everyone who came by as well!