Hello again! It's great to see you. I have resurfaced from my day job long enough to update my website and blog. In March, I was brought in to help out with graphics at a company that owns a great vintage-themed restaurant as well as an upscale lounge. Over just a few months, that morphed from being the graphics helper to being a one person creative department. This, you can imagine, is rather time consuming. Any time off the past few months was spent either freelance drawing or out of town.

There is that adage about "feast or famine", which is so true. I have been feasting for months and have taken Labor Day weekend off to take a break and let my tummy settle (so to speak). By break, I mean extensive website update!

I also have lots of freelance drawings to share, but those need to wait until they are published or given to the recipients- don't want to spoil any surprises!

You can see what I've been up to on my site HERE.