This post is apt right now because we're moving- so the idea of home has been at the front of my mind for a good month now. This image was done for a client of a home that he wanted on letterhead. The printing was letterpress, which I've honestly not designed for until now. He sent a sample that was close to this in detail (the stationery for Chateau Marmont), and it was far more detailed than I thought was possible with letterpress at that size. He also needed to print a larger size as a frameable piece. Because of that, I made a point of adding a lot of detail so it would look good at the larger size.

Turns out that it took a few rounds of minimizing detail to get it ready for the letterhead printing. But, it got there, and it looks great! The printer did a fantastic job, and I was honored that the client was kind enough to send me the very first letter that he ever wrote on it. I could multiply this fella and work with people like him all the time and retire on a cloud of rainbows and happy.