Happy Holidays!

This is our 2010 holiday card. It is starring Carol Jackson, who was Miss Snowmobile in 1969/70. At the time, her name was Carol Rieley. She was my mother-in-law, Davey (and his brother Matthew's) mom, and a wonderful lady. She lost her battle with ovarian cancer in February of this year, and although it's very hard to be celebrating the holidays without her this year, we're doing our best to focus on her life and her light. She brought immense joy to a whole lot of lives, and this year she brings cheerful holiday greetings to everyone that we know.

The drawing is graphite, and was done from a newspaper clipping advertising that she was Miss Snowmobile. I did the lettering by hand as well with a nib and ink- it was really a lot of fun to explore that kind of work. I also hand lettered all of the envelopes, which sounded like a far better idea at the start of the project than it did after doing about 70 envelopes! But, it was fun, we're happy with the results, and we hope that you have a great holiday!