Graphite Aqua Effect

Okay, this is just silly, but so am I so...

I wanted to put the little buttons on my site for Facebook, Twitter, this blog, etc forever. These are the things that I put off. I made my site in Dreamweaver with the help of Davey and a fat Dreamweaver manual. Which means that every time I have to do anything outside of the 4 things that I do on a regular basis- it involves a few hours of swearing and beating my head against the wall before I get it all up and running smoothly.

True to form, that's how I spent my morning trying to get these up. Mostly b/c my Fetch program wonked out from some de-install back up b.s. that I did about a month ago. But, it's all up and lovely now.

To get the icons to match my site, I drew them all out in graphite, and just to add a geeky touch, used a kneaded eraser to make a highlight simulating the "aqua" effect that all of the cool app buttons have these days. I like the effect, and am happy to check this off of my to-do list! You can see the results HERE.