Roll on Rolly Wheel!

I am damn proud to announce that my renovated website is (finally) live! I have been wanting a schmancy (to me) rollover set up where all thumbnails are on the same page as a large image and visitors can rollover them to see big versions quickly and easily. However, I have pretty limited web skills and an even more limited budget for hiring programmers, so I had been stuck with this goofy window popping up system for the last, oh, FIVE YEARS!

I finally consulted the right person (my husband, who has been living with me the entire time that I wanted to do this), spent dozens upon dozens of hours working on images and coding and pages- and today, after 2 work projects cancelled, I settled in and f-ing finished it!!!!

I also have a new visual bio page, and menu bar. I still want to embed my blog, but later for that. Today is for celebrating successful rollovers!

Please go look!