Prince Maxwell J-R

Meet Prince Maxwell J-R, the newest member of the J-R clan. He was born in May, so he's just a wee baby. We rescued him today (a term that I feel that it's safe to use since it's a euthanization shelter).

He is a darling teeny tiny tabby. We have a 12 lb cat now, who is the best, but it's just so funny to hold this kitty who is 2 lbs at best (probably not- I'd say a can of beans weighs more than he does), it's just too much. He's such a little doll.

In Chicago, we had gotten Madeline (see pics here) from the Anti-Cruelty Society, a no-kill shelter downtown. It was (I thought at the time) a nice place, rather bare bones, but fine.

After going to the L.A. shelter- oh my gosh, Anti-Cruelty is a spa. This place is overrun with animals. Granted, it's "kitten season" (cats breed in spring), but there were so many homeless babies in cages. 3-4 kittens per cage, 10 or so cages per room, 4 rooms of cages along with a bay of them in the lobby. We didn't even get anywhere near the dogs, although we were in line behind some broad (a nice term for her) who was returning a dog that she got 8 days ago that "doesn't like people".

I totally cried there. It is devastating to me that people have done this. Just let the pet population get so out of control that there are hundreds of homeless animals in one single shelter- one of dozens of shelters in the city.

If you have room in your home and heart for an animal, please adopt. They ask for very little and give you the world. I know that I sound like a preachy bastard, but after seeing all those faces and babies in cages and knowing that they won't all live to find homes- I can't help it.