Aw, shucks!

My high schoolers are having a good week! I've gotten a few emails from Bloggers and Etsy-ers and Art Wall-ers about write ups and lovin' from nice peoples about my work.

One fella was featured in an adorable Treasury on Etsy (which I hear was on the front page today, so sad that I missed it!):

This darling blog found me on Etsy and wrote lovliness:

Another blogger and sweet write up. Made all the more flattering by the fact that her work is about as cute as anything gets (a guinea pig with a balloon tied to it flying over paris, c'mon!)

One of the gals was featured as a "fan favorite" on Artwall:

And, last but not least, the kids at Reform School were featured in Dwell. I basked a bit in their reflected glory when my work was seen in the background of a photo of the shop! (okay, you have to know that they're there and what they are- but it's Dwell, so I still think it's super cool!)

I am happy and humbled and more happy! Thanks to all for the mad props!