Portfolio v38.2

I just made a new physical portfolio book. The title of this post probably isn't too far off, I've been making portfolios for my work since high school, which is like five years now (fine, it's been sixteen- not five). Anyway, I had the 'trying to get into college' portfolio, the 'just finishing photo school' book, the 'career photo photos' book, the 'changed my mind and want to be a designer' book, the 'get into art school' book... you get the idea.

Since graduating (again) in 2005 for Illustration, I've made a few different ones, but barely have any need for them. No one ever needs to see them since they've seen everything on my website anyway. I can count on one hand the showings of a physical book that I've done in the past few years. But, it does come up. And on those occasions, I have to face the conundrum of showing something that's really good work but that's not online. I've brought original pieces with me since that's nicer to see than the little 72 dpi web version. Or, in this case, I was taking printed samples and a smattering of different kinds of work.

So, this book was inspired by some vector pattern things that I did for a client who is a brilliant decorative painter (SJM Fine Art: http://www.sjmfineart.com/gallery.html ). I worked on a damask pattern file for her and then ran with pattern making in Illustrator because it's just so fun. I made a stencil of one of my designs, painted it on wood, drilled the holes, mod'ed out those icky black portfolio pages (cut their ugly holes off and switched the paper out with white), and voila! New book version whatever version I'm on now. I like it a lot. It may not see the light of day again for awhile, but it went over well this week in my meeting, so it's done it's job! If anyone has pics or links of interesting handmade books, please send them along, I'd love to see!