Bond. James freaking Bond.

Being relatively new to L.A., I still haven't gotten jaded about celebs on the street and seeing photos and films of nearby locations. A few weeks ago, I walked by Jason Schwartzman in front of my apartment and freaking freaked. I waited until he walked by to freak, so I was still really cool about it ;) but still. He's Coconut Records AND Ash from Fantastic Mr Fox. How could you not freak?

Anyway, I follow Pablove on Twitter ( which is an amazing foundation founded by an inspiring couple who lost their son to childhood cancer. If you're looking for a good cause to donate to, I think this is one of the best. There's a Pablove mural on sunset on the Dangerbird Records building, and today there was a Pablove tweet about Pierce Brosnan having a GQ photo shoot in front of the mural. I looked at the link and found that there's another photo of him in front of Reform School (where some of my work is hung/ sold). So, it's official. PB endorses Reform School and therefore my work, and therefore he loves me. Now I have to go buy GQ and see if the image is in the magazine too.

And yes, one day when I've seen so many celebs on the street that they blend in with the bushes, I may think this is silly. But for now, I think it's rad that James Bond was hanging out down the block from my house.