Babycakes comes to L.A.

So, I know that this has traditionally been my art blog- but it's morphing into life in general as more and more awesomeness happens in non-art life. Like food. I decided to go back to being vegan this past summer because it's so easy here in Los Angeles. And, it just got easier and more delicious (and probably more fattening, but whatevs).

Babycakes, the legendary NY vegan bakery has opened an Los Angeles location! Davey woke up early to get there right when they opened (I was a lazy bones and didn't get up early enough). He brought home; a skinny bun (sticky bun), a sugared doughnut, a chocolate covered doughnut and 2 mini brownies. We split the first three (neither of us were able to finish, they were so rich)- but oh. my. gosh.

In the past, I haven't found that vegan bakery lives up to it's bad rep. Sometimes you get something at a cafe that's kind of dry- but having baked dairy free myself, I think that's just inexperience with alternative ingredients, there's plenty of ways to make moist bakery that's vegan. But this- this is one of those things that's in a category all by itself. It defies the 'vegan' label, and even the 'bakery of this world' label. It is amazing.

And I am so glad that it's downtown and not in our neighborhood, or I would have to go shopping for larger pants.